What is a social enterprise?
A company which reinvests profits in the business or the local community putting priority on pursuing social purposes rather than on maximizing profits forshareholders or owner of the company.
To make a better world, we will be the company that pursues social purposes first and practices sharing.
It will be the production for employment, not the employment for production.
Sustained Growth It is a company that spend money and time on the continuous investment and research to improve production capacity and increase sales with its vision of continuous growth.
Stable management Efficient work-flow and production of bonding high-quality products are considered as the highest value in the production process for the stable management.
Social Value As emphasizing that social sharing is the most essential duty of companies, we always do our best to give back to the society, to create the value, and for the customer satisfaction.
Power supply technology to improve the efficiency and efficiency of power supply.
An apparatus for reducing harmonic
A technology that reduces power consumption by reducing unnecessary harmonics in the power system through this device
Power system abnormal display device
Monitoring Potential Transformer open, voltage unbalance, circuit breaker Auxiliary power supply
Noise & Vibration monitoring device
Sensing Vibration and noise and preventing secondary accident
Anti-seismic devices
earthquake-resistant structure in response to more than magnitude scale 6.5 strong earthquakes
We are creating an abundant future by delivering safe clean energy.
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