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Photovoltaic System

(ECP, ECO Comparing Photovoltaics)
Failures can be predicted by comparing real-time photovoltaic efficiency and data in the areas where solar power systems are installed by comparing the efficiency of solar power in nearby areas, and it is a solar power generation system that monitors leakage current and arc discharge.

Monitoring System


태양광 용량 물품식별번호 (3자단가)
ECP-3K(3.24kW) 23518327
ECP-5K(5.04kW) 23518328
ECP-10K(10.08kW) 23518329
ECP-15K(15.12kW) 23518330
ECP-25K(25.2kW) 23518332
ECP-30K(30.24kW) 23518333
ECP-35K(35.28kW) 23518334
ECP-40K(40.32kW) 23518335
ECP-45K(45.00kW) 23518336
ECP-50K(50.40kW) 23518337
ECP-75K(75.24kW) 23518338
ECP-100K(100.08kW) 23518339
ECP-150K(150.12kW) 23518340
ECP-200K(200.16kW) 23518341


  • Monitoring real-time abnormal detection and breakdown prediction

    The failure prediction monitoring system is applied to the photovoltaic system to enhance stability and convenience. Moreover, it is a photovoltaics system that minimizes the loss of power supply by applying a breakdown prediction monitoring system to solar power facilities/equipment, and it can check wired/wireless communication of real-time failures and abnormal conditions.
  • Prevent pre-fire and failure by monitoring leakage currents and arcs

    If the current above the set point are detected photovoltaic devices or arc is detected, isolate the system by blocking the corresponding array and transmit the abnormal status in the real time through wired/wireless communication.


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